Sorry but we have moved!!

14 May

Sorry but we have moved!!.


Liar liar! Pants on fire!

28 Apr

Two of the qualities you want to instill in your kids is truthfulness and honesty.

When I was little my mum used to say whenever you told a lie you would get a little pimple on your tongue.  Every time I got one usually coincided with a lie I had told!

Mum was right!

If we do not want our kids to lie why do we lie to them?

The top 3 are Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny!

It is a fun kind of lying I guess and the fantasy has kids faces light up with the expectation of presents and excitement. So that is when it is OK to lie isn’t it?

Or what about the parents of fussy eaters who tell their children every meat they eat is ‘chicken’ as they know the kids LOVE it!  If they called it its real name ‘bacon’ the kids would turn their noses up like they were offered a huge plate of brussel sprouts!

How about the kid who is begging for “chippies” from McDonald’s and the parents saying that McDonald’s has closed down for a week.

‘If the wind changes your face will stay that way forever!’ I heard that a few times during my childhood too.

What lies do you tell your kids? Are these ‘white’ lies and therefore harmless fun? Or in some cases a little hypocritical?

Anyway, I want to wean Miss Z off her dummy today,  and it looks like the cat has eaten them all and the shops no longer sell dummies. 😦

Oh…..I think I feel a pimple coming on.

Ditch, display or put away?

26 Apr

Miss Z attends day care two days a week, and every day she has been bringing home her artwork, usually pieces that she has done a few months ago.

There are many paintings and collages; all her handmade creations.

I remember the first piece I was given was a bookmark she made at day care for Easter last year. It was so sweet! I used it every single day on my way to work as I used to read quite a lot.

The older she gets the more creative she gets, it is lovely to see her develop artistically. There now seems to be more purpose with her brush strokes, and her artwork seems to have more thought behind it.

HOWEVER there is just too much of it!

It covers her wardrobe doors, on her bedroom door hangs a handmade parakeet (made out of a paper plate and feathers) the kitchen walls are not bare either, neither is the fridge, and there is artwork strewn across the toy room…… is everywhere!

There has been another haul this week, now what to do with all this booty?!

Miss Z's artistic creations

As the title of this post states:

Ditch? There is so much of it, some of it is the same, should I just throw it away knowing there will be more next week? There seems to be an endless supply of brightly coloured handprints!

Display? There is bound to be some space left behind the toilet door, or bedroom ceilings, or in daddy’s back shed!

Put away? Do I find a storage box, fill it up and add it to the other 20 in the garage of things we do not know what to do with?

I need some advice and soon, as Master M will be starting day care in a couple of months, so “Max’s Masterpieces”  will have to be housed too!

What do you do with your little ones’ creative pieces?

Is there some creative option I may have?  Is it possible to make a keepsake out of all these lovely creations?

Toddlers embracing technology

23 Apr

I do most of my blogging from my iPad, the main issue with doing that is that Miss Z thinks the iPad is hers.

If I start typing away she comes along and tries to either grab it off me or swipe her finger across the screen.

If it is not the iPad it is the iPhone!

I am always in awe of how someone so young can navigate her way around this technology.

The unfortunate thing is she thinks everything is touch screen therefore the TV in her toy room is covered in fingerprints! You can see where she has dragged her finger from one side to the other (most probably when she was trying to help Dora the Explorer navigate her way to the crystal castle!)

I remember earlier this year watching the news when school returned about a Catholic school in Western Sydney which gave their year 1 students iPod touches to use in class. Most seemed pretty proficient in using one too!

I don’t think introducing this technology in schools will remove all memory of good old crayons, paints, flash cards or maths rods (remember the black, white, orange and red rods?  I loved them!), but it should simply enhance their learning experience.

So my question is, what do we do, let kids be kids and let them only play with toys, or do we allow their curiosity about everything “i” take over? Should we allow them to use such technology on a regular basis, especially in the home?

Admittedly there are some great educational apps out there in the market today.

If we don’t expose our children to these things are they going to be left behind when they do go to school and their peers have been using this technology for years?

I am happy for Miss Z to play with my phone or iPad but we need to strike a happy medium with outdoor play too.

I am pretty tech savvy myself, however I am sure once Miss Z starts school she will be able to teach me a thing or two!

Mum = business. Dad = fun!!

20 Apr

I always feel like the mean parent!

Miss Z hit terrible twos at 15 months, and some days all I feel I do is raise my voice at her!

NO Zara!

DON’T Zara!




The time of day Miss Z loves is 7pm!

Much excitement comes with the arrival of the big hand on the 12 and the little hand on the 7!

So what happens at this time?

Daddy is home from work, so it is fun fun fun!

Lots of kisses, cuddles, playtime, laughing, dancing, singing, jumping, squealing and not to forget tickling, to be had!

It is not that Miss Z and I don’t do these things during the day, but they seem to be coupled with lots of NOs and DON’Ts!

It seems Miss Z is an angel with daddy and a devil with me!

Though daddy thinks I am part of the fun police, so maybe it is just the way I react makes Miss Z react the way she does.

I don’t not like fun, but I like to make sure Miss Z is safe and won’t get hurt!

So mummy is the mean one, daddy is the playful one! Well, that is what it feels here.

What about in your household? Do you feel like the bad guy?

Being a mum; ‘guilty’ as charged

18 Apr

This topic has been blogged to death, but I feel the need to write about it myself.

It is something they call “mother’s guilt“, the one misconception is that people think it really only kicks in when a mum has the emotional dilemma of whether to return to the workforce or not.

Do I put my kids in child care, family care, do I get a nanny?

Should I work full-time, or only 3 days a week?

Can I do 9 to 5 or should I curb it to 10 to 2?

Or should I just stay at home and be a full-time mum?

However for most people this is not the case, it can set in long before you have to make a decision about your career.

For me, the guilt set in on 7 November 2009, the day I did a test and found out I was pregnant with Miss Z, it was very early days, I was lucky to be 4 weeks pregnant.  However I felt guilty over the amount of alcohol I had the night before!  I didn’t know I was pregnant but I felt guilty for not knowing sooner, if that was even possible!

It then spiralled and the guilt set in on what I ate, or didn’t eat.  Morning sickness meant that carbs were my friend, especially hot chips.  Vegetables turned my stomach.  Was I eating well?  No…..but if I ate anything else I would probably throw up; this way I was giving my body some sort of sustanence.

The whole concept of Listeria freaked me out, so I avoided shell-fish, soft cheeses and cured meats like the plague! As much as I loved those foods I would have felt tremendous guilt at even looking at them.  I suffered from “Listeria hysteria“, as I was that paranoid!  However I did not feel guilty about the way I acted, as I knew I was doing something good!

Then the cravings started, Big Macs were all I could think about, when in reality before falling pregnant I was not a fan at all.  But what was all this fat and calories doing to my baby?!?  I felt guilty over my love affair with the “golden arches“, why wasn’t I at home eating a meal consisting of all 5 food groups, and then taking a long walk.   When in actual fact I was sitting in McDonald’s eating my third Big Mac for the day!!! (and maybe there had been a cheeseburger or two along the way as well! 😦 )

Once the cravings passed and Miss Z’s due date loomed the guilt clouded over me AGAIN.  I have a very low pain threshold, so I researched all possible options regarding drugs, drugs and drugs!  I felt guilty for wanting a pain-free birth; I wanted to enjoy the experience, I didn’t want to be traumatised by it, but at what cost to my baby?  Were all options available safe?   Should I just ‘suck it up’ and deal with the pain?

Then once the little bundles of joy arrive into this world, there is further guilt!

You are feeling guilty about whether they are eating enough, sleeping enough, are you reading to them enough, do you stimulate their little minds enough, are their toys educational enough? Enough, enough, enough!

Does it ever end?

What things do you have mummy guilt about?

How do you know when you’re finished?

16 Apr

I adore kids, hence the reason as soon as my husband agreed we started our ‘trying to conceive’ journey immediately!

One month in to it…..BANG! I fell pregnant on our honeymoon! And when Miss Z was only 6.5 months a surprise pregnancy happened, Master M was on his way!

Many people comment on our ‘pigeon pair’ and presume we have completed our little family since we have the girl/boy ‘set’.

It has been hard work with sleepless nights with Master M not being able to self settle. During the day I am managing sibling jealousy, different routines, play dates, day care, shopping, laundry etc etc it is very exhausting. However after all this, I don’t think I am done……

Even with the vivid memories of morning sickness, swollen ankles, labour pain (or should I call it labour agony!) the trauma of an emergency c-section, breast feeding issues, the list goes on, number 3 has not been ruled out. Well not in my book anyway. 🙂

I have actually been dreaming of another baby, well not actually dreaming, I am usually half awake, searching our bed, under the covers for a newborn baby which I think is there! Weird I know.

It is a very strange feeling knowing that both my kids are in their own beds but I have a sense that another baby around. I am sure there is one just waiting in the wings for the perfect (or imperfect) time to arrive!

I was once told you don’t regret the children you do have, you only regret the ones you don’t.

How did you know when your family was complete? Or are you thinking of the pitter patter of little feet? Is it better to have one child, or maybe even six?  How do you know how many is right for you?