This is MY playground!

5 Apr

Is there playground etiquette?

I am assuming there is,  it would be common courtesy, but who is responsible for this? The 5-year-old who will not let anyone enter the cubby house or the parent who is there to supervise them?

We have started frequenting parks a lot lately with Miss Z, she often just loves to walk around and sit play with the wood chips, throwing handfuls into the air!

However there are times when she wants to climb on the wooden train, or go down the slide or play in the sand pit. Though it has become more apparent that there is always a kid in the park that thinks he or she is the boss!

“Go away, you can’t play on this!”

“You can’t be in the park as it is my birthday today!”

“Only my friends can go on the slippery dip and you are NOT my friend!”

Often if this happens I will lead Miss Z away and distract her with something else to play on but why should I?

The majority of the time these kids are significantly older and bigger than the other kids in the park, so why haven’t their parents intervened?

Often they can be found with their head in a book or with their back turned busying themselves with something else. If you know your child is older and has the tendency to be bossy (I will refrain from using the ‘bully’ word) why not keep a closer eye on them, or stop them if they start intimidating little kids?

I have occasionally spoken to the kid who thinks they are ‘in charge’ especially if my Miss Z is pushed or poked, the usual response is, “I am going to tell my mum!”

Oh please do, as I would love to have a word to her about your behaviour!

However it never happens, they never get their mum, they usually just run in the opposite direction!

It is not just outdoor playgrounds either, indoor play centres seem to be worse!

The mums often too busy reading the latest New Idea and drinking their cappuccino to realise their child is trying to smother another child under a play mat or has just shoved someone off the jumping castle whilst shouting “go away!”

Playgrounds and indoor centres have come such a long way since I was a kid, and kids today have so much choice! So many slides, swings, climbing frames, ball pits, offering endless amounts of entertainment and fun!

Maybe they get over stimulated and excitement takes over, they forget where they are, however……

This is NOT your backyard! The equipment is there to share!

What do you do in these situations?  Whether your child is the one not being allowed to play or the one who loves to ‘own’ the playground.


5 Responses to “This is MY playground!”

  1. Sally April 5, 2012 at 2:22 pm #

    Very relevant article Jodi. From the discussions I’ve had with mums of the ‘bossier / rough’ kids they tend to believe that confrontation and self resolution of issues is a better lesson than intervention. Personally I’m on the supervision and guidance camp until the time comes where my children can behave in a way that’s socially acceptable.

    • Jodi @ Mummyhood101 April 5, 2012 at 2:27 pm #

      Thanks Sally. It is hard for me as Zara at 20 months is nearly as big as some 3 year olds so other parents don’t tend to intervene as they think Z is the same age! 😦

  2. Debbie April 5, 2012 at 2:23 pm #

    LOVE it!! You know my view on this. You will be pleased to hear that “Hamish” doesn’t go to Softplay on Thursday so for once we had some peace. xx

    • Jodi @ Mummyhood101 April 5, 2012 at 2:25 pm #

      I had “Hamish” and you in mind when I wrote this! 🙂

      • Debbie April 5, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

        Hehe, I did wonder when I read about the lovely little children smothering eachother with crashmats!

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