Woohoo, it is party time. Know your party etiquette, please!

3 Apr

I took Miss Z to an indoor play centre last weekend and I noticed it must be the party place for Sunday mornings.

Birthday girls and boys standing around eagerly awaiting their party guests. Decorated tables, balloons, party food, music, and anticipation in the air!

What a way to entertain kids and tire them out. Surely afternoon naps would be needed by all after two hours of running, climbing, jumping, sliding and the sugary food come down! 🙂

There was one major stand out, a bit of a dampener on the party mood, let’s call it:


Think of the indoor play centre’s front desk as an exclusive night club front door, complete with a “chick” trying to look important with a clipboard! Kids arrive, get their named ticked off the guest list, the door is opened and they are allowed to enter, simple! Or so I thought.

Where it went pear-shaped was when the parent decided to bring their other children along, and since those children were not on the guest list, they were asked to pay the entry fee.

Cue the rolling of the eyes, heavy sighs and snide comments

“This is not good enough! What sort of place is this?”

“I shouldn’t have to pay, I couldn’t get someone to mind my kids!”

“Well, I am never having my child’s party here………EVER!”

Did they really think they could bring an entourage with them and not be asked to cover the cost? Was it assumed the birthday child’s parents would foot the bill?

I am new to all this as Miss Z is only 20 months so we aren’t really at the stage of going to her day care friends parties……as yet! But isn’t there some sort of party etiquette that comes in to play?

Or do these things have to be spelt out since commonsense may not prevail?

Here’s an idea how about we add an entire disclaimer to the invitation to cover ALL possible issues that could arise from a birthday girl’s 5th birthday party!  ;).

You are invited to Sienna’s 5th birthday party*#^+!


* Please note if you wish to bring along your brothers and/or sisters to the party your parents MUST pay for them, this includes entry fee and food.

# Thank you cards for the gifts received by the birthday girl will be sent via standard post no less than 7 working days after the party.

^ The birthday girl reserves the right to win all the prizes for the games played on the day, unless she chooses otherwise.

+ Upon entering the birthday girl’s birthday party you agree to reciprocate and invite her to your birthday party.

!  The birthday girl’s favourite foods will be served on the day, if you do not like the selection please refrain from complaining or asking for anything else, you can eat what you want at our own house.

A tad extreme?  Maybe…. Or it could be just the Marketer in me, that likes to cover my own “creative” butt with flashy legal wording.


Happy Birthday Sienna!


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