OMG! Two under 15 months!

28 Mar

Well it was actually a 14 and 1/2 month age difference but rounding it up seemed to make it sound more manageable!

I found out I was pregnant with baby number 2 when Miss Z was nearly 7 months! Shock was an understatement, how did it happen? Well, I knew ‘how’ it happened……..but still, HOW did this happen? Miss Z was too young to be a big sister, my baby was still a baby!

I kept thinking what would people say? Would we be thought of as irresponsible? crazy? I have never really cared what people thought but this was a big deal, we were bringing another life into the world!

We were not sure we had mastered parenthood with Miss Z as yet, and we were now going to do it all again!

The pregnancy was such a whirlwind, I think I was still in shock for a fair few months into it, time seemed to fly by so quickly. It became more and more real as my tummy expanded and my due date loomed.

We welcomed Master M into the world in October, and now we cannot imagine life without him. As much as he was a surprise, he was much wanted and is very much loved. Life is more hectic and crazy, and Miss Z now has to share the spotlight. Times can be tough, I am tired…..all the time, but Master M is such a beautiful little boy, it makes those hard days more manageable. He has a cheeky smile which I am sure he will use when he is older to get himself out of mischief.

So it is possible to manage with a close age gap between kids, it is trying and can be difficult but it is doable. I do not have my family around as they live interstate, but I do still manage. But I cherish the times when I do have my family visit and allow them to take some of the burden.

Jealousy is the biggest hurdle that we have faced, Miss Z was too young to understand exactly what was going on, so we could not “explain” to her that this was her baby brother and he would be living with us. I am sure Miss Z thought Master M was a doll, a doll that was permanently attached to me!

I was told by my midwife to really understand what was going through Miss Z’s head as to imagine my husband bringing home a new wife and telling me she was now part of our family and would be doing EVERYTHING with us! Since the new wife was new to the family my husband would have to spend more time with her, and lavish more attention on her to make her more comfortable. The new wife would also have to share some of my things, and that I shouldn’t complain as she was now part of our family so I had to be accepting. In the reality that b*tch would have been kicked out of my house within 2 minutes of entering! 😉

However I understood what my little girl must have been thinking and feeling. Poor baby! 😦

So this is me and my life, two under 20 months now, I have survived so far! It should get easier, unless we find ourselves with another surprise in the very near future!

Miss Z, giving Master M a hug, 4 days before he was born. <;3


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